Ukraine President Zelenskyy tours three EU member states

Sweden has announced additional military aid for Ukraine, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy toured three European Union member states to drum up support for his country's fight against Russia.

Sweden on Wednesday announced a package of 1.16 billion euros, or about 1.25 billion dollars, to help boost Ukraine's air defense capabilities. The amount is Sweden's largest ever contribution to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy stressed that the aid package, which includes Airborne Surveillance and Control aircraft, will not only save Ukrainian lives but also help guarantee long-term peace and security in Europe.

Zelenskyy was in Portugal on Tuesday following his visits to Spain and Belgium. He underscored the success of his tour, during which he signed bilateral security pacts.

Ukraine has been stepping up diplomatic efforts ahead of the Group of Seven summit in Italy in mid-June, and an international conference for peace in Ukraine, proposed by Zelenskyy, scheduled to be held in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Russia began drills last week simulating the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that representatives of NATO member countries, particularly in small European nations, should be aware of what they are playing with. He noted that such countries have small territories and are densely populated.