Taxi driver suffers apparent gunshot wound near Tokyo

A taxi driver has been shot in the stomach by a passenger, apparently with a handgun, in Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. He is being treated at a hospital.

Police received a call from the manager of a convenience store near the scene in Kawaguchi City late Wednesday night. The manager said a taxi driver was bleeding, and that the driver said he had been shot.

The police said the victim, who is believed to be in his 70s, was bleeding from the stomach. He was conscious and able to speak while being taken to a hospital.

The police said the passenger demanded money from the driver and shot him in the stomach. They found money scattered in his car.

The police are searching for the attacker, who fled the scene, on suspicion of attempted robbery and murder. They say the man has short black hair and looks to be in his 50s to 60s.

They are calling on residents in the neighborhood to be on the alert.