Unrealized profit on BOJ's ETF holdings hits record high

The Bank of Japan's unrealized profit on its exchange-traded fund holdings at the end of fiscal 2023 hit a record high for such a time. That came on the back of higher prices for Japanese shares.

The central bank on Wednesday released its financial statements for last fiscal year. Latent ETF profit was 37.3 trillion yen, or nearly 240 billion dollars at the end of March. That's more than double from a year earlier.

Its overall ETF holdings in market value stood at almost 74.5 trillion yen, or about 470 billion dollars.

The figure is up more than 20 trillion yen year on year.

The BOJ had been purchasing ETFs as part of its massive monetary easing program. But it decided in March that it would stop buying new ETFs in a landmark shift away from its stimulus measures.

Discussions are ongoing on ways to utilize the ETF holdings, such as using them to finance government policies.

But BOJ Governor Ueda Kazuo believes more time is needed to decide on the issue.