UN chief Guterres condemns N.Korea for attempt to launch military spy satellite

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned North Korea for its latest attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite.

Guterres spoke in an exclusive interview with NHK in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda on Tuesday.

He referred to North Korea's launch attempt on Monday, which ended in failure after the rocket carrying the satellite exploded in midair.

Guterres said "we condemn all the violations" by North Korea "in relation to the launch of missiles" and "what was done from the nuclear dimension."

The UN chief said it's "absolutely essential" that North Korea "abide by international law" and "the resolutions of the Security Council."

Guterres also said, "We cannot have a new factor of instability in the world," and added it's important that North Korea respect the international order.

Regarding military cooperation between North Korea and Russia, Guterres called on Moscow to fully respect "what was established in the sanctions." He urged Russia to not import weapons from North Korea. Such imports are banned by UN Security Council resolutions.