Lawyers, prosecutors finish closing arguments in Trump's hush money trial

Donald Trump's lawyers and New York prosecutors have given their closing arguments in the former US president's hush money trial. It now goes to the jurors to deliberate, with the result potentially impacting the coming presidential race.

The trial began on April 15 after prosecutors charged Trump with falsifying business records. The allegation related to hush money paid to an adult film star during his 2016 presidential election campaign.

In the closing arguments on Tuesday, Trump's defense lawyer said, "He did not commit any crimes and the district attorney has not met their burden of proof."

The defense team spent much time arguing that Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is a liar whose testimony could not be trusted. Cohen claims that he made the payment on Trump's instruction.

The prosecution argued for nearly 6 hours that Cohen was in the best position to know about what Trump did and that his testimony was reliable. A prosecutor said, "Mr. Trump is being kept abreast of every development."

The 12 jurors will begin deliberating on Wednesday. It could take them several days to reach a verdict. They are required to reach a unanimous decision. If they can't agree, the result is a hung jury.

Trump faces three other criminal prosecutions, but no dates have been set for those cases.