Rare video of sunfish swallowing jellyfish goes viral

A rare video showing a captive sunfish swallowing a jellyfish is attracting millions of views on social media.

The images were taken at an aquarium in the western Japanese city of Shimonoseki.

The video drew more than 2.5 million views in just over a day after the aquarium posted it on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

An NHK staff member was also able to record the event.

Officials at the Kaikyokan aquarium said the opportunity to see a fish eat a jellyfish whole while in captivity is quite rare. Jellyfish are believed to be part of a typical sunfish diet in the wild.

The officials cited an expert saying the footage may be the first to capture the fish swallowing a jellyfish whole. The expert reportedly suggested that aquarium staff write a thesis on the footage.

Miyazawa Moe, who looks after ocean sunfish at the aquarium, said she hopes that many visitors will come to watch the adorable fish eat.