China state-run TV airs military drill featuring robot dogs, AI-equipped drones

China's state-run television has broadcast footage of a military exercise featuring robot dogs and drones equipped with artificial intelligence.

China Central Television reported on the joint drill with Cambodia that has been underway in the Southeast Asian country since May 16.

CCTV says the remote-controlled robot dog can walk, jump, lie down and send real-time reconnaissance footage.

A larger one, weighing 50 kilograms, can fire a rifle mounted on its back. The footage shows the robot leading soldiers into a building.

AI-equipped drones are seen firing from the air.

The US military has been deploying robot dogs and AI-capable drones in exercises.

China is believed to be showing that its military is boosting its capabilities with cutting-edge technologies.

But concerns are growing in the international community about lethal autonomous weapons that will select and attack targets without human intervention.

Discussions on restricting these weapons are continuing.