Extreme heatwave persists across Pakistan

People across Pakistan are struggling to stay cool as the South Asian nation remains in the grips of a severe heatwave. In some places, temperatures are soaring to record levels.

The southern province of Sindh has been especially hot. Weather officials say the mercury on Sunday climbed to 52.5 degrees Celsius in the city of Mohenjo Daro and 52 degrees in Jacobabad.

In the capital Islamabad, the government began cutting school hours for students from Monday. No assemblies or sports classes are being held in a bid to "beat the heat".

National weather officials say the heatwave may begin to subside in parts of the country starting Tuesday. But in Sindh, the local meteorological department says the extreme conditions could persist for another week.
It's advising people to stay indoors and, if they must go out, to cover their heads with a wet cloth.

Pakistan has experienced severe heatwaves in the past. Local media say in 2015 over 1,200 people died and 50,000 others fell sick in the country's largest city Karachi during a spell of extreme hot weather.