Japan firms attend seminar on recruiting top Indian students

Japanese companies are increasingly seeking to hire graduates of a top Indian science university amid a severe shortage of IT workers.

Representatives from about 100 Japanese firms attended a seminar in Tokyo on Monday for advice on recruiting students from the Indian Institute of Technology.

The event was hosted by the Indian Embassy.
The IIT is the top technical university in India and its alumni include the CEOs of Google and IBM.

Indian Ambassador, Sibi George, told attendees that Indian students tend to look for jobs in the United States and Europe. He stressed the need for a framework that attracts competent technical workers to Japan.

Adjunct Professor at IIT Hyderabad, Fujisue Kenzo, spoke about the high level of the students' programming skills. He explained that in India, unlike Japan, recruitment takes place through universities.

Corporate participants were keen to know why Indian students seek jobs abroad and whether Japanese firms could recruit fresh graduates in India.

One attendee from a plant construction firm said Japan's building sector faces a shortage of designers and management engineers and needs foreign workers.

He said, "I feel that India is several steps ahead of Japan when it comes to people's IT skills."