Toyota extends range of its liquid-hydrogen engine car by 50%

Toyota Motor has made big improvements to its liquid hydrogen-powered car as part of its long-term quest to go carbon-neutral.
The automaker says this year's model has a 50-percent longer cruising range due to improvements to its tank.

The Toyota vehicle competed in a 24-hour race at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan.
Hydrogen-engine cars are considered eco-friendly as they emit virtually no carbon dioxide while on the road.

Toyota officials say they increased the capacity of the tank by changing its cylindrical shape to a custom-built oval shape.

The new tank can store 15 kilograms of liquid hydrogen. This extends the distance the vehicles can go on a full tank to nearly 140 kilometers, up 50 percent.

Toyota also installed a device in the vehicle's engine compartment to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Toyoda Akio, Chairman of Toyota Motor, said, "Toyota will absolutely create an engine that drivers don't have to feel inferior about, even in a carbon neutral world. It's not impossible, so we will continue to take on the challenge."

Toyota aims to put hydrogen-engine cars on the market by further improving their performance.