Former Tokyo Olympic village reborn as residential district

A ceremony has been held to mark the opening of the former athletes' village for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games as a waterfront housing district.

The development now known as Harumi Flag in the capital's Chuo Ward comprises 17 condominium blocks, with two more residential towers due to be built next year. It will contain more than 5,600 housing units as well as schools and commercial facilities when finished.

Kawabuchi Saburo, who served as mayor of the athletes' village, took part in the ceremony.

Kawabuchi said: "A place that was once for the athletes of the Tokyo Games has been reborn as a residential area rich in greenery. I hope you will all tell your children and grandchildren that the town has a place in history."

Some residents have already moved in since the beginning of this year.

One man in his 40s said: "I like the wide, open views. And there's none of the hustle and bustle you usually get in urban areas."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to develop Harumi Flag into a community of 12,000 residents.