Chinese Premier Li seeks to further boost trilateral cooperation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang has expressed hope to further promote cooperation among Japan, China and South Korea.

Li said at the start of the trilateral summit in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday that a range of factors, including the pandemic, stalled trilateral cooperation for more than four years, but it has returned to a normal track.

He said the three countries still want to seek cooperation and gain profits.

Li also said sincere dialogue and promoting global multipolarity are needed to maintain mutual respect and trust. He said they should oppose the creation of camps.

China is in a standoff with the US, while Japan and South Korea are deepening ties with Washington.

Li also criticized moves by the US and Europe to introduce regulations on electric vehicles and other products from China. He voiced opposition to politicizing economic and trade issues, protectionism and decoupling, and expressed support for economic globalization and free trade.