EU urges Israel to accept ICJ order to halt Rafah offensive

The European Union's foreign policy chief has urged Israel to end its military operations in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, saying the offensive goes against the decision by the International Court of Justice.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell noted at a news conference on Sunday that key border crossings remain closed for humanitarian deliveries into Gaza. He said that "this happened against the verdict of the highest United Nations Court -- the International Court of Justice."

Borrell added that its order is "binding and has to be fully and effectively implemented."

Commenting on the Hamas rocket attack against Israel on Sunday, Borrell said, "This also has to stop." He insisted that the international community must do everything to achieve a ceasefire, release hostages, and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The ICJ on Friday handed down provisional measures that call on Israel to immediately halt its offensive in Rafah and open checkpoints to allow large-scale humanitarian aid. It said the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate.