Gaza hospital says patients' lives are at risk due to fuel shortage

Officials at a hospital in the southern Gaza Strip say patients' lives will be at risk if they cannot obtain fuel for power generators. The fuel is running out due to the closure of border crossings and delays in humanitarian supplies.

The officials at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis told NHK's Gaza office and other local media outlets that they have been unable to obtain fuel since early May.

They said they had managed to operate electric generators with the very small amount left in a storage tank by scooping it up with a bucket.

The officials also said 12 newborns are being treated in the neonatal intensive care unit. They said the babies' lives will be at risk if the incubators stop working.

A hospital director told reporters that sick people and premature babies will die if fuel supplies do not arrive quickly.

In February, Israeli forces stormed the hospital, claiming that Hamas fighters were hiding there.

Health authorities in Gaza said at least eight patients died at that time when oxygen supplies were cut off by power outages.