Onosato wins first sumo tournament at age 23

In sumo, 23-year-old Onosato has won his first top-division title in his seventh tourney since his debut as a professional wrestler.

Onosato was recently promoted to the fourth-highest rank of Komusubi. Going into the final day of the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday, he was leading with 11 wins and three losses. Sekiwake Abi and three other wrestlers were trailing him with four losses.

In the faceoff with Abi, Onosato beat his opponent with a frontal push-out to improve his record to 12 to 3 and clinch his first championship.

This is the fastest record for a wrestler who made a professional debut in the third-highest Makushita division.

The previous record was held by former Yokozuna Grand Champion Wajima, who won his first title in his 15th tourney.