Taiwan president responds to China's military drills with call for exchanges

Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te has called on China to "share the heavy responsibility of regional stability with Taiwan", following China's military drills near Taiwan.

Lai told reporters on Sunday that he is grateful to the United States and other countries for their expressions of concern about the Chinese exercises.

He said, "The international community will not accept any country creating waves in the Taiwan Strait and affecting regional stability."

Lai reiterated his stance to pursue peace and prosperity through exchanges and cooperation with China.

In his inauguration speech on Monday, Lai emphasized maintaining the status quo and called for pursuing peace and prosperity with China, virtually rejecting Beijing's sovereignty claims.

China, in protest, carried out drills near Taiwan on Thursday. China Central Television's military channel said they were successfully completed on Friday.

Taiwan's defense ministry said on Saturday that it had returned all levels of the emergency response center to normal status, suggesting that China's drills ended in two days as planned.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Saturday that the United States is deeply concerned about the military drills China conducted around Taiwan, and urged China to act with restraint.

The Japanese government says it conveyed its concern to China through diplomatic channels.