Google's AI search feature gives false information

A new generative artificial intelligence search feature created by Google is said to have given inaccurate answers to questions, according to some US media outlets.

AI Overview was rolled out on May 14 in the United States. It gives answers to sentence-based questions.

The New York Times reported that it instructed some users to mix non-toxic glue into their pizza sauce, when asked how to prevent the cheese from sliding off.

The newspaper also said that AI Overview provided other erratic answers. It apparently stated that former US President Barack Obama is Muslim. He is actually Christian.

Other media outlets have issued reports about a user who asked AI Overview if gasoline can be used to cook spaghetti faster. The search feature said that gasoline cannot be used to cook spaghetti faster, but that it can make spaghetti spicy.

Google told NHK that many of the questions were "uncommon queries." The firm also said, "We appreciate the feedback."

The company's spokesperson added, "We're taking swift action where appropriate under our content policies, and using these examples to develop broader improvements to our systems."