Japan's transport ministry inspecting JAL office over safety issues

Japan's transport ministry has begun inspecting a Japan Airlines office. The move comes after a series of incidents involving flights operated by the airline.

At Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Thursday, the wing of a JAL passenger plane that was backing out of its parking spot bumped against another plane that was moving into an adjacent parking space. On May 10, a JAL plane proceeded well beyond the stop line on a taxiway at Fukuoka Airport in southwestern Japan.

Four inspectors arrived at JAL's Haneda office on Friday morning. The office houses the divisions responsible for safety management and maintenance.

The operational headquarters, which oversees safety measures for pilots, is also reportedly being inspected.

Transport ministry officials say they will conduct interviews with relevant staff members and ask for documents. They will also reportedly check the airline's assessment of what caused the recent incidents and examine measures the airline is taking to prevent a recurrence.

After a Cabinet meeting, transport minister Saito Tetsuo told reporters that the ministry is taking the safety issues involving JAL seriously. He said the ministry will work hard to restore trust in aviation.