Viva Tech: Nearly 3,000 firms display cutting-edge technology

Nearly 3,000 companies from around the world have gathered in Paris to showcase cutting-edge technology, including generative artificial intelligence.

"Viva Technology," one of the largest tech shows in Europe, opened in France's capital on Wednesday.

Exhibitors range from startups to tech giants, such as Meta and Microsoft.

The LVMH Group, a France-based luxury brand operator, displayed an AI sommelier that can suggest a wine that will suit a particular visitor's tastes.

60 Japanese companies are exhibiting in a space called the Japan Pavilion.

A Tokyo-based startup is demonstrating a system that quickly creates an avatar.

Visitors step into a box, where twenty-eight cameras photograph their whole body and then generate an avatar in about 10 minutes.

The avatar is capable of moving like a dancer or a gymnast.

Viva Tech runs through Saturday, with organizers expecting more than 150,000 visitors.