Macron vows to quickly restore order in New Caledonia

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to restore order in New Caledonia as quickly as possible.

The French Pacific territory has been under a state of emergency after large-scale riots broke out in the central city of Noumea and surrounding areas on Monday last week.

Macron arrived in New Caledonia on Thursday, accompanied by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu.

Reuters news agency quoted Macron as saying, "In the coming hours and days, massive new operations will be scheduled where necessary, and republican order in its entirety will be re-established."

He also told political and business leaders in the territory that reinforced security personnel will remain as long as required.

Some members of the indigenous Kanak people are seeking independence from France. They oppose the French parliament's recent move to extend voting rights for local elections to those who have lived in New Caledonia for at least ten years. French media outlets have reported that this move triggered the riots.