Chinese citizen journalist jailed for COVID reporting released

A Chinese citizen journalist jailed for covering the coronavirus outbreak in the city of Wuhan has been released after serving her sentence.

In 2020, Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer from Shanghai, traveled to Wuhan, which is located in China's Hubei Province. She posted online firsthand accounts of citizens, including those who were being forced to live tough lives. She also shared reports about the authorities' responses to the outbreak.

But she was detained by the authorities for spreading false information. A court sentenced Zhang to four years in prison for disrupting public order.

The ruling sparked international criticism. The US government released a statement strongly condemning the court's decision.

Zhang finished serving her sentence on May 13. In a video released by her supporters on Tuesday, she expressed her appreciation for the support and consideration she has received from people.

Her supporters say she is staying with her family, but that she has only limited freedom. The comment has led to speculation that she is still being surveilled by the authorities.