Rainy season in Japan's Okinawa, Amami regions arrives later than last year

Japanese weather officials say the rainy season appears to have begun in the southwestern regions of Okinawa and Amami, around 10 days later than usual.

The Japan Meteorological Agency made the announcement on Tuesday. The season arrived in Okinawa and Amami three days later compared to last year.

The agency says humid air is flowing toward a front lingering from the East China Sea to the east of Japan, and it is bringing rain clouds to the regions. It says rainy and cloudy days are expected to continue there over the coming week.

Meanwhile, clear sky in western, eastern and other parts of Japan has pushed up maximum temperatures at some places to over 30 degrees Celsius.

People are advised to take measures against heatstroke, such as drinking water frequently, as their bodies may not be used to such heat at this time of the year.