Ukraine to participate in 2024 Paris Olympics

Ukraine says it has decided to take part in the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Paris. Following the International Olympic Committee's decision to let some athletes from Russia and Belarus participate as "neutrals," Ukraine had hinted it might boycott the Games.

In a statement on Monday, the country's Youth and Sports Ministry and Olympic Committee announced the decision to participate in the Games, which open on July 26.

The statement said participating in the Games is an opportunity for Ukraine to demonstrate its strong will and spirits. It said Ukrainian athletes performing under the national flag is a manifestation of willpower. It added that Ukraine's slogan for the Olympic Games is "The Will to Win."

About 100 Ukrainian athletes have reportedly qualified for the Games.

The Ukrainian government said at least 450 of the country's athletes and coaches have been killed and more than 500 training and other sports-related facilities damaged since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The IOC said last year that athletes with Russian and Belarusian passports who actively support Russia's war on Ukraine, or are contracted to the Russian or Belarusian military and national security agencies, are not eligible to participate in the Games. It added that those who are eligible will compete as "Individual Neutral Athletes."

Ukraine's government and the country's Olympic Committee say they continue to oppose the IOC decision.