Japan, S.Korea police chiefs confirm cooperation on tackling organized fraud

The police chiefs of Japan and South Korea have agreed to cooperate in a wide range of fields, including dealing with increasing numbers of organized fraud cases.

This is the first meeting of the two countries' police chiefs since 2010.

National Police Agency Commissioner General Tsuyuki Yasuhiro met his South Korean counterpart, Yoon Hee-keun, in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Tsuyuki said the two countries share issues such as North Korea, economic security and repeated cross-border fraud. He said he hopes to strengthen mutually cooperative ties.

Yoon replied that he believes they should strengthen their cooperative relationship for their mutual sakes from diverse viewpoints.

In view of the increasing cases of organized fraud in both countries, the police chiefs confirmed plans to share the information on the harm caused and methods used. They agreed to work together to uncover the bases of criminal operations that have spread to Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

They are also said to have discussed responding to videos using generative artificial intelligence to spread false information.