Palestinians commemorate day of 'catastrophe'

Palestinians on Wednesday commemorated the 76th anniversary of the day that Jewish militias forced around 700,000 of their people from their homes. They refer to the day as Nakba -- which means "catastrophe" in Arabic.

Thousands of people in the West Bank city of Ramallah marked the day by calling on Israel to free Palestinians from occupation. One protestor said what they are seeing in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is a "genocide war."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video saying there is "no substitute for military victory." He said, "Until it is clear that Hamas does not control Gaza militarily, nobody will be willing to take over the civilian management of Gaza out of fear for their lives."

Israeli military officials claim there are still "armed terrorists" in the city of Rafah. They released video they say was shot a few days ago of fighters at a United Nations compound. They called on the UN to investigate why "Hamas operatives" were there.

UN officials said they have not been able to verify the "authenticity" or content of the video, but they say it is "likely" that the images are from a warehouse in Rafah. They added that their staff evacuated the area a week ago and left some vehicles and aid supplies behind.