YouTube blocks Hong Kong protest song videos after court order

YouTube has blocked users in Hong Kong from viewing dozens of videos of a popular protest song, in accordance with a court order.

The development comes after an appeals court in the territory on Wednesday last week approved a government request to ban the distribution of the song "Glory to Hong Kong." It was sung at mass protests across the city five years ago. The Hong Kong government said some of the lyrics incite secession.

The court ordered a ban on the dissemination of the song online, among other acts, with some exceptions.

YouTube said in a statement that it is disappointed by the court's decision but is complying with the removal order. The video-sharing site said it would block access to 32 videos in Hong Kong.

NHK confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that the videos were inaccessible in Hong Kong, with a message displayed saying the content is not available due to a court order.

YouTube said it shares the concerns of human rights organizations that the content ban stifles online freedom of expression. The platform said it is considering whether to appeal the court's decision.