US, China differences stand out at first intergovernment dialogue on AI

The United States and China have held their first intergovernmental dialogue on artificial intelligence, but differences in their positions stood out at the meeting.

The dialogue was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday, following an agreement at the summit meeting in the US last November between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping.

China's foreign ministry says senior administration officials from the two countries took part in the China-US Intergovernmental Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence.

The ministry says the two sides exchanged views on the risks of AI technology and governance measures as well as the measures taken to promote AI-enabled economic and social development.

The ministry says China has made clear its solemn position on the US restrictions and suppression of China in the field of artificial intelligence, apparently with increased US moves to restrict exports of AI-related semiconductors to China in mind.

Comments from the US side about the dialogue have not yet become available. Ahead of the meeting, the US government said it will convey its concern to China that rapidly advancing Chinese AI technology has entered the military field and could undermine the security of the US and its allies.

China's foreign ministry said the two sides shared a common view that there are both opportunities and risks in the development of AI technology.

But the gap between the two countries' positions on the matter became clear during the meeting.