Google, OpenAI unveil new AI models

Leading developers of AI models have announced upgrades to their products that promise to make them a lot smarter and faster than before.

Google says it will soon fully integrate generative artificial intelligence into its search engine.

Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said the latest version of Gemini can process about 30 times more information than its predecessor with faster response speeds.

He said users will have a more convenient search experience. Beyond sentence-based searches, users will, for example, be able to post a video of a broken home appliance, and the AI will explain how to repair it.

Google says the new features will be free and roll out first in the United States.

Meanwhile, US startup OpenAI has unveiled a generative AI model that gives quicker answers and is capable of more natural interactions.

In a demonstration, a company representative asked the model: "So I'm on stage right now. I'm doing a live demo, and frankly, I'm a little bit nervous. Can you help me calm my nerves a little bit?"

The model answered: "Oh, you're doing a live demo right now? That's awesome! Just take a deep breath, and remember, you're the expert here."

GPT-4o was released on Monday. It boasts significantly upgraded text, visual and audio-processing capabilities.
OpenAI says that unlike previous models, there is no lag in responding to audio, enabling it to converse more naturally with the user.