North Korean leader inspects production of tactical missile system

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly inspected the production of a tactical missile weapons system in his latest visit to the country's arms factories.

North Korea's state-run Korean Central Television reported that Kim checked mobile missile launchers and other components of the system on Tuesday.

It said the missile launchers produced in the first half of this year will be deployed to units of North Korean armed forces.

News footage shows at least several dozen launcher vehicles lined up.

Kim reportedly stressed that completing the production plan would bring about an epochal change in preparations for war.

He made a series of visits last weekend to enterprises under the Second Economy Commission, which is responsible for North Korea's military industry.

There, Kim inspected the production of multiple rocket launcher vehicles and sniper rifles.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency noted that the North's leader has not issued hostile messages directed at Washington or Seoul. It reported that he may be showcasing his country's arms production capability with an eye to exporting weapons to Russia and others.