Putin 'open to a dialogue on Ukraine' that takes Moscow's interests into account

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told a Chinese media outlet that he is "open to a dialogue on Ukraine." He has also indicated that Moscow welcomes Beijing's involvement in the effort to resolve the conflict.

On Wednesday, Russia's presidential office posted online an interview that Putin gave to China's state-run Xinhua news agency.

The written interview was conducted ahead of Putin's official trip to China. The visit is scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday.

The trip will be Putin's first foreign visit since his inauguration last week. The ceremony marked the beginning of his fifth term as president. Putin will visit Beijing and the northeastern city of Harbin, which is located in Heilongjiang Province.

The president said: "We commend China's approaches to resolving the crisis in Ukraine. Beijing is well aware of its root causes and global geopolitical significance, which is reflected in its 12-point-plan."

China released the plan, which calls for dialogue and a ceasefire, in February of 2023. The document did not call for Russian troops to be withdrawn from Ukraine.

The United States and other countries dismissed the plan. They suggested that it was one-sided in favor of Moscow.

During the interview, Putin said, "We are seeking a comprehensive, sustainable and just settlement of this conflict through peaceful means." He added that Russia is "open to a dialogue on Ukraine."

But he noted that "such negotiations must take into account the interests of all countries involved in the conflict, including Russia's."