Ex-student suspected of cheating on university entrance exam with smart glasses

Police in Tokyo suspect an 18-year-old male used smart glasses to cheat on a university entrance examination.

The police plan as early as Thursday to file criminal papers with prosecutors against him on suspicion of fraudulent obstruction of business.

The alleged cheating occurred at Waseda University's School of Creative Science and Engineering in February.

The man is suspected of using the electronic glasses to take photos of exam questions and upload them to social media network X to solicit answers.

He reportedly had used answers in that exam that he had received online and was later disqualified.

The cheating came to light after someone discovered the leak on X and notified the university.

University officials confirmed that the student was also wearing smart glasses when he showed up to take another exam at the university. They then contacted the police.

The police say the man has admitted the allegations. He told them he was desperate because he had already failed the entrance exam of his top choice national university.