Israelis honor war dead on Memorial Day

Israelis stopped on Monday to honor citizens killed in war or terrorist attacks. On this Memorial Day, many focused on the conflict in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told them that victory will "ensure their future."

People across the country paused for two minutes to pay tribute to generations of war dead. Netanyahu spoke at a ceremony in Jerusalem, framing the conflict as one for their survival. "It's either us -- Israel -- or them -- the Hamas monsters, either continued existence, liberty, security and prosperity, or destruction, slaughter, rape and enslavement," he said.

Netanyahu said the Israelis' war of independence is "not over yet." "We will realize the goals of victory and at the center of them is the return of all our hostages home," he said.

Netanyahu has faced criticism throughout the conflict. He did again as a heckler interrupted the proceedings. Many Israelis are angry about the failures of security before the Hamas attack and about the fighting that's followed. They are watching as their forces press ahead with the offensive in Gaza.

Al Jazeera reports the troops have ordered staff at a hospital in the southern city of Rafah to evacuate. The soldiers have forced hundreds of displaced families who had taken refuge at six schools to leave.