Public libraries reopen in quake-hit Wajima City

Two of the three public libraries have restarted services in central Japan's Wajima City, that was hit by a powerful earthquake on New Year's Day.

The libraries began lending to the public on Tuesday for the first time in four-and-a-half months.

One of them is using a temporary venue at a roadside station selling produce. The library building cannot be used as it does not meet quake-proof standards.

Visitors to the temporary site can ask staff or use an online system to reserve books from the library for later pick-up.

They can also borrow titles at the venue, or choose "lucky bags" of books selected by staff for lending.

A Wajima resident said he came to return a book. He said he's been using the library for a long time and is happy that it's back.

A library official said time has begun moving again, and that she hopes residents will regain a sense of normal life with a library in their neighborhood.