Green maple leaves reflected in Kyoto temple floor put on a show

Visitors to Jissoin Temple in the ancient capital of Kyoto, western Japan, are currently enjoying a seasonal treat of green maple leaves reflected in a gleaming black floor.

Fresh green maple leaves in the Buddhist temple have been at their peak since earlier this month. They began budding early last month, about 10 days faster than usual.

At this time of the year, visitors can enjoy "yuka-midori," which literally translates as "floor green," in which maple leaves are reflected in the black wooden floor of the temple's Taki-no-ma room.

It was raining on Monday, but the weather helped produce an even more mystical view thanks to the less intense sunshine.

Temple official said visitors tell him they feel healed by the view. He said he hopes that visitors can enjoy "yuka-midori" calmly.

The leaves will turn deeper green when the season advances. They can also be appreciated as "yuka-momiji," or "floor red," in the fall.