Floods, landslides kill dozens in Indonesian island of Sumatra

At least 43 people have been killed in flash floods in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Efforts are underway to reach 15 missing people.

The Indonesian government says torrential rain on Saturday triggered deluges and mudslides in West Sumatra Province, engulfing residential districts.
Sludge and toppled trees fill the streets.

On Monday, residents were picking up the pieces of their broken homes as search and rescue work continued for those unaccounted for.

The afflicted area is near Mount Marapi -- an active volcano that saw a massive eruption in December.

Authorities say the heavy rain washed cold lava -- a mixture of volcanic debris -- down its slopes.
Eko Widodo is among evacuees sheltering in a school.
He said the flooding happened suddenly, and the river became blocked, sending water everywhere and leaving the situation "out of control."

Indonesia has suffered a series of natural disasters recently, including floods and landslides in the island of Sulawesi that claimed 16 lives earlier this month.