NHK poll: Kishida Cabinet approval rate edges up to 24%

An NHK opinion poll shows the approval rate for Prime Minister Kishida Fumio's Cabinet rose by 1 percentage point to 24 percent. The disapproval rate dropped by 3 points to 55 percent.

NHK conducted the monthly phone survey over three days from Friday. More than 1,200 people responded.

Among those who support the Cabinet, 45 percent said it seems better than possible alternatives, 25 percent said it is made up of political parties they support, and 14 percent expressed trust in Kishida.

Of those who disapprove, 48 percent said they have low expectations for the Cabinet's policies, 24 percent said the Cabinet lacks the ability to implement policies, and 10 percent said they do not trust the prime minister.

Regarding recent Liberal Democratic Party difficulties over political activities expenses paid to lawmakers from their parties, the ruling LDP and its coalition partner Komeito agreed on an outline of how to revise the political funds control law.

Under their draft plan, each party is required to register the amount of money in their political funds reports based on notifications by lawmakers. There is still no agreement on disclosure criteria for data such as the names of people who have bought fundraising party tickets.

Asked about the move, 2 percent of respondents said they highly evaluate it and 13 percent said they evaluate it somewhat, while 38 percent said they do not evaluate it so much and 39 percent said they do not evaluate it at all.

Asked if they expect discussions between the ruling and opposition parties on revisions of the legislation will help prevent another money scandal, 6 percent said they strongly agree it will and 29 percent said they think it will to some extent. But 38 percent said their expectations are low and 20 percent said they have no expectations.

Asked about leadership shown by Kishida's response to the money scandal, 2 percent said they are satisfied and 17 percent said somewhat satisfied, while 41 percent said they are somewhat unsatisfied and 33 percent said they are not satisfied at all.

Asked if the respondents feel the Japanese economy is improving, 2 percent said they do so and 13 percent said they do to some extent. But 39 percent said they do not feel it improving so much and 41 percent said they do not feel at all.