US, China to hold talks on risks posed by AI

The United States and China will hold their first intergovernmental dialogue on the risks posed by artificial intelligence.

The US announced that the meeting will take place on Tuesday in Geneva, based on an agreement between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping at their summit last November.

A senior US official says the country's delegation will include top White House and State Department officials.

The official also says the dialogue is not intended to produce specific results, but to exchange views on the technological risks posed by AI.

Washington argues that rapidly advancing Chinese AI technology has reached the military field and could undermine the security of the US and its allies. The US delegation intends to convey its concerns to the Chinese side.

Another official says the US may not be in complete agreement with China on many AI issues, but they can make the world a safer place by discussing the grave risks.

The two countries remain at odds over economic issues and Taiwan. But they have agreed to continue dialogue and work toward stabilizing their relationship.

Dialogue and meetings have been held at various levels between the two governments.