JAL plane exceeds stop line, causes another passenger plane to abort takeoff

NHK has learned that a Japan Airlines plane significantly proceeded beyond the stop line at a taxiway in Fukuoka Airport in southwestern Japan last Friday, ultimately causing another passenger plane to cancel its flight.

Japan's transport ministry says the JAL plane was queuing for takeoff at the taxiway in Fukuoka Airport and crossed the stop line in front of a runway shortly after noon on Friday.

The plane was instructed by an air traffic controller to halt in front of the stop line, but it continued and reportedly stopped right in front of the runway after being instructed to cease once again by the controller.

The incident occurred when a plane operated by regional commuter airline J-Air bound for Matsuyama Airport was preparing for takeoff on the same runway. It was traveling at a speed of over 120 kilometers per hour.

The J-Air plane abruptly aborted its takeoff following the order of the controller.

There were 47 people, including the crew, on board the J-Air plane, but no one was injured when the emergency brakes were applied.

The two planes were only several hundred meters apart when the J-Air plane came to a halt. The wings of the JAL plane were reportedly found partially entering the runway after the J-Air plane stopped.

The J-Air flight was cancelled as it required inspection after the brakes were applied.

Its pilot reportedly told authorities that it appeared that the JAL plane was about to enter the runway.

Ministry officials are investigating the details of what happened.

JAL issued an apology for the trouble it caused. The airline revealed that it has already reported the accident to aviation authorities. It says it will analyze the cause of the incident, including the communication with air traffic control, and make efforts to prevent further similar occurrences under the guidance of authorities.