Japan's GSDF to resume firearms training in Gifu after shooting deaths

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force plans to resume live-fire training at a gun range later this month, nearly one year after a fatal shooting incident.

It announced on Monday the drills will take place on May 22 in Gifu City, central Japan.

In June last year, a trainee fired an automatic rifle at three GSDF members at the range, killing two and seriously injuring the third.

Live-fire drills at the range were suspended following the attack. They restarted in November but were suspended again after a member of the force raised his middle finger at the press on the first day after the resumption.

Senior officer Sakai Hidenori apologized on behalf of the GSDF to the public. He also said it will be sure to maintain discipline and thoroughly control security during live-fire drills.

The GSDF says it plans to inform local residents of the scheduled resumption date.