Russia continues attacks on Ukraine's Kharkiv region

Russian forces are continuing their attacks in Ukraine's eastern Kharkiv region after they crossed the border on Friday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a social media post on Saturday that defensive operations were underway in seven villages in northern Kharkiv.

The region's governor said on Sunday that two people had died in the town of Vovchansk and elsewhere as a result of Russian strikes.

A video filmed in Vovchansk on Saturday shows many damaged buildings, with flames and smoke rising from some of them.

A local police officer said Russian forces were continually attacking the town.

Many residents are evacuating from northern Kharkiv. A video released by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine appears to show elderly people and others being evacuated in emergency vehicles.

The western Russian region of Belgorod borders northern Kharkiv. Its governor said on social media on Saturday that the Ukrainian military had unleashed massive shelling on Belgorod, leaving one woman dead.

The governor said on Sunday that a Ukrainian drone attack had damaged power lines in a city in Belgorod, leaving some areas without electricity.