Heavy rain forecast to hit many parts of Japan

Japanese weather officials say heavy rain is expected to pummel many parts of the country on Sunday and Monday. They are calling on people to stay on alert for mudslides, flooding and swollen rivers.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says rain is currently falling in western areas as damp air is flowing toward weather fronts and low-pressure systems.

The agency expects downpours and lightning in western Japan on Sunday, and in Okinawa Prefecture and the Amami region of Kagoshima Prefecture through Monday.

Officials also predict rough weather will hit eastern Japan from late Sunday and northern Japan on Monday.

Total rainfall for the 24 hours through Monday morning could reach 200 millimeters in the Shikoku region and 150 millimeters in the Tokai region.

Total precipitation for the 24 hours through Tuesday morning could reach 100 to 200 millimeters in Tokai and 100 to 150 millimeters in the Tohoku region, Kanto-Koshin and the Izu Islands.