Giant panda in western Japan enjoys special treats on Mother's Day

A zoo in the western Japanese prefecture of Wakayama has honored a giant panda on Mother's Day for her devotion to raising her offspring.

Rauhin at Adventure World in the town of Shirahama has given birth to a total of 10 cubs.

On Sunday, zoo staff arranged pieces of bamboo to create the message, "Thank you, always." They also treated the mother panda to a bouquet of carnation-shaped carrots and other foods.

Rauhin took a bite of the carrots and then feasted on her favorite bamboo.

Fifty people who applied in advance gathered on the occasion. They enjoyed watching the giant panda, with some taking photos of her.

A woman in her 70s who came with her daughter said she was invited to the zoo by her daughter, who applied for the event. She said she believes it was a Mother's Day gift.

Zookeeper Nakaya Yuka said the staff wanted to show their gratitude to Rauhin for having dedicated herself to raising many cubs. She added that she wants to continue taking good care of Rauhin, so that the panda can stay healthy.