Putin stresses Russia's nuclear capabilities on Victory Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin used the occasion of his country's Victory Day celebrations to stress its nuclear capabilities. The move is seen as an apparent threat to the Western countries that have been boosting military aid to Ukraine.

Russia marked Victory Day on Thursday, marking 79 years since the former Soviet Union helped defeat the Nazis in Germany.

Putin attended the event in Moscow and said Russia will not allow anyone to threaten the country, and that its strategic forces are always combat-ready.

The weapons shown at the military parade included those being used in Ukraine, such as the short-range ballistic missile Iskander, which can carry nuclear warheads.

Putin also said Belarus will join in Russia's non-strategic nuclear weapons exercises. The Putin administration has been deploying the tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Last month, the United States pledged billions of dollars in additional aid to Ukraine.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said during his recent visit to Ukraine that the Ukrainians have the right to strike inside Russia with weapons provided by the UK.