Dangerous cyclist arrested for bike rage incidents near Tokyo

Police in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo have arrested a problematic cyclist nicknamed the "Pop-up man." He had been convicted before of repeated incidents of dangerous bike riding.

Narushima Akihiko aged 36 was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of obstructing cars in Kashiwa City on April 15.

He had received a jail term without suspension for bike rage incidents that took place in 2020 in neighboring Saitama Prefecture.

Narushima had been nicknamed pop-up man because he would suddenly veer his bicycle into traffic.

He was sent to prosecutors on Friday morning. Police say he is denying the allegations, claiming that he did not ride his bike in a way to damage the cars.

Police have confirmed that the suspect was riding his bike into oncoming traffic for several seconds at a time almost crashing head-on with vehicles.

The police say they have received 42 eyewitness reports of similar incidents this year in and around Kashiwa City.