Treasurer of Abe faction admits to most charges at trial over fund reports

The chief treasurer of the largest faction of Japan's main governing Liberal Democratic Party has admitted that he did not declare millions of dollars in revenue on political fund reports.

Matsumoto Junichiro is charged with failing to declare 675 million yen, or about 4.3 million dollars, in revenue earned at fundraising parties held by the faction in the five-year period up to 2022. The faction was once led by late Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

The prosecutors have also accused Matsumoto of failing to mention in the reports that the faction gave its lawmakers' offices kickbacks that totaled roughly the same amount.

Matsumoto's trial began at the Tokyo District Court on Friday. He told the court that most of the charges against him are true.

Prosecutors have filed charges against ten people involved in the scandal. They have accused the individuals of violating the political funds control law. Matsumoto is the first to stand trial.

Four of the people will not be tried, as their cases have been finalized. They have received summary orders to pay fines and other types of penalties.