Tokyo police explain Japan's moped rules at Vietnam Embassy

Tokyo police have held an event to teach about safe use of mopeds in Japan. The number of accidents and traffic violations involving the small pedaled motorcycles have been on the rise in the capital.

The educational session held on Thursday at the Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward was attended by about 30 people, including embassy staff.

A lecturer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department explained that a driver's license and registration plate are required to ride a moped in Japan.

The police say 70 violations such as driving without a license were confirmed in three months through March this year. The number exceeded the total of 56 for all of 2023. They say accidents have also been more frequent than last year.

In Vietnam and some other countries, riding mopeds does not require a driver's license. The Tokyo police say they will continue to work with institutions such as Japanese language schools to educate those who use mopeds without knowing the country's rules.