LDP, Komeito broadly agree on bill to revise political funds control law

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito have reached a broad agreement on amendments to the political funds control law. The two parties have mapped out an outline of their bill, which, they say, aims to enhance transparency of the use of political activities expenses.

LDP Secretary-General Motegi Toshimitsu and his Komeito counterpart, Ishii Keiichi, met on Thursday evening following working-level talks by the two parties earlier in the day.

On the political activities expenses paid to lawmakers from their parties, the LDP and Komeito agreed that each party will register the amount of money in their political funds reports based on notifications by lawmakers.

On sales of tickets for fund-raising events, the names of people or groups which purchased tickets worth over 200,000 yen, or about 1,300 dollars, are required to be disclosed under the current law.

The coalition parties now agreed to lower the minimum amount for requiring such disclosures. But an agreement is yet to be reached on a specific figure for such a ceiling, as Komeito wants the amount to be brought down to over 50,000 yen, or some 325 dollars.

In cases when Diet members transfer funds to their support organizations and other political groups, the two parties also agreed to tighten the standards for disclosure of such moves, if the transfers exceed 10 million yen, or about 64,000 dollars, a year.