Israel plays down truce proposed by Egypt and Qatar

Hamas released a statement on Monday saying their leader Ismail Haniyeh had agreed to a ceasefire proposed by negotiators from Egypt and Qatar. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released its own statement, saying the proposal is far from the "necessary requirements."

Israeli leaders said their delegates would continue to negotiate, and Israeli forces would continue an operation in the southern city of Rafah. Journalists on the ground said the troops carried out at least 10 attacks on Monday alone.

Israeli soldiers have dropped flyers and used social media to urge civilians to evacuate to places the Israeli government has designated as "humanitarian areas."

United Nations officials said the relocation is "inhumane." They said those areas lack the infrastructure needed to host thousands of displaced people. They said they intend to "stay and deliver" aid to people, even in Rafah.

Israeli forces had closed two crossings crucial to delivering aid. White House officials said Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed in a phone call with President Joe Biden to reopen the Kerem Shalom crossing for humanitarian assistance.