Daihatsu restarts all plants in Japan after safety scandal

Toyota Motor's small car unit Daihatsu Motor has resumed operations of a factory at its headquarters. Activity was suspended for four and a half months due to a fraudulent safety test scandal. All four of Daihatsu's domestic production sites are now back online.

The carmaker restarted manufacturing of two models at the plant in Osaka Prefecture on Tuesday. About 200 employees work at the factory.

Daihatsu shut down all its plants in Japan in late December after admitting to falsifying safety tests in order to obtain government certification.

The company has since resumed production in stages as regulators confirmed that specific models met government standards.

Daihatsu had already restarted output at plants in Kyoto and Shiga prefectures and a subsidiary in Oita Prefecture.

The firm is now also accepting new orders again for almost all models for the Japanese market. But it says the requests have not returned to the levels seen prior to the suspension.