Fossil-hunting event held at central Japan beach where dinosaur parts were found

Families have hunted for fossils along a beach in the central Japanese city of Toba, where the fossils of a large herbivorous dinosaur were found 28 years ago.

Fossils of legs and other parts of the creature, who was nicknamed "Tobaryu," were found in an early Cretaceous stratum that dates back more than 130 million years.

About 100 children and parents gathered on Monday for the fossil hunt. The annual event is organized by a volunteer group that studies Tobaryu.

The kids and their parents worked their way along the rocky beach using hammers to hunt for fossils.

When they found possible relics, officials from the Mie Prefectural Museum and other experts examined the items immediately.

Officials say fossils of clams and oysters were found during the day.

A third-grader who found a short neck clam fossil said he was very happy. He said that when he saw the fossil he felt he was looking at history.

A senior member of the volunteer group said chances are high that shell and dinosaur fossils will be found in the area. He added that he hopes children will be able to find fossils there. He said the area is a rare spot where people are free to look around for fossils.